24 novembre 2009

series of jewelry

Tiffany undoubtedly is recognized as the luxury brand, which symbolize to be rare, unique, and the highest-quality things. In the history of moving, bright colored gems have been occupying a pivotal position, it is Return to Tiffany heart lock charm and bracelet has Tiffany 1837 Bar drop earrings the Pierced charm bracelet??s top brand of one of the important factors. In July 2008, Tiffany ??extravagant color?? The Color of Luxury Series will be at the Beijing Peninsula Palace Hotel and the Oriental Plaza store a one-month show, the bright color of the stones will be given more luxurious connotations .
Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet, with the women of color classic jewelry, precious stones in the color of Tiffany is backed by superb track record, 24.79 kt pillow-shaped cutting the Emperor Huang, 30.05 kt oval 16.19 kt yellow sapphire and emerald-cut The aquamarine, and inlaid with diamonds, so that women Return to Tiffany Round tag drop earrings long-lasting charm. Color Venetian Link bracelet pendants moving spirits of the United States, is both beautiful and the good fortune of nature, but also embodies many of the exquisite Tiffany process.
Other exhibits include the series of jewelry, colorful Elsa Peretti Bean bracelet Tiffany Necklaces, sapphire and diamond mosaic-shaped necklace of beads, mosaic of green tourmaline platinum diamond earring, tourmaline and mosaic red sea of sapphire Return to Tiffany bead Return to Tiffany Round tag drop earrings carved a mosaic, as well as a variety of shapes Green tourmaline, aquamarine and diamond bracelet. Each is a magnificent as people outside the dazzling world of luxury.
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